ECPPM 2018 is the 12th European Conference on Product & Process Modelling, the flagship conference event of the European Association of Product and Process Modelling (EAPPM), with a long standing history of excellence in product and process modelling in building industry, which is currently known as building information modelling (BIM).
In the last two decades, the biannual ECPPM (European Conference on Product and Process Modelling) conference series, as the oldest BIM conference, has provided a unique platform for the presentation and discussion of the most recent advances with regard to the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) applications in the AEC/FM (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management) domains.

The series of conferences was initiated by Prof. Raimar Scherer in 1994 as a joint initiative of several European research projects related to construction information technology. It is closely tied to the European Association of Product and Process Modelling EAPPM. ECPPM was in fact the first conference focussing on BIM, although in 1994 it was named product modelling.

Traditionally strong at ECPPM has been an overview of the EU research projects and the participation of European experts. In spite of its name, the conferences have been open and have attracted numerous researchers from overseas.